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Ahlsell aquires independent retailer in Bergen

In connection with Ahlsell's acquisition of ProffPartner As from Jernia the business within Låsgruppen Wilhelm Nilsen in Bergen is also acquired. The business in Bergen has three establishments and a turnover of approximately NOK 45 million.

Bergen with its strong connection to the offshore industry is an interesting market with good growth potential. The acquisition in Bergen strengthens Ahlsell’s position and profile in the region and supports Ahlsell’s ambition to be the leading technical trading company within sales of installation products, tools and personal protective equipment to professional customers. The acquisition is the group's fifth this year. In total, the acquired companies have a turnover of approximately SEK 1.400 million. We continue to see good opportunities to buy businesses that complement our existing, says Göran Näsholm, Group CEO of Ahlsell AB.

Questions related to this information will be answered by CEO Göran Näsholm at +46-708 23 71 00 or goran.nasholm@ahlsell.se.


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