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Ahlsell AB: Ahlsell aquires Sata Automaatio Oy

Sata Automaatio is a local trading company with establishments in Pori and Rauma, Finland. The company sells a wide range of electrical automation products. The annual turnover is about 4 MEUR.

Ahlsell is already present in Pori and Rauma with outlets selling installation products in the electrical and plumbing segments, as well as tools and supplies. With the acquisition of Sata Automaatio we broaden our efforts in the electrical segment and strengthen our position and profile in the region, says CEO Johan Nilsson in a comment.

Questions regarding this information to Johan Nilsson, Group CEO, +46 70 553 28 29, e-mail johan.nilsson@ahlsell.se

Ahlsell is the Nordic region's leading trading company in installation products and tools & machinery. It offers a wide range of products and services to professional users in the segments of HVAC, electrical, tools and machinery. The Group has an annual turnover of approx. SEK 22 billion and about 4,800 employees.


Melding fra Ahlsell

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