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Ahlsell’s Annual General Meeting

Ahlsell held its AGM in Stockholm on 4 May, 2017
Ahlsell’s CEO Johan Nilsson talked about the business and the financial results for 2016, as well as the financial results for the first quarter of 2017.

- The foundation of the long-term strategy Ahlsell 2020 is set. Ahlsell will continue to develop and broaden its customer offering, focus on establishing market-leading positions through a combination of own initiatives, investments in full-service branches and an active acquisition strategy, says Johan Nilsson and also states that the market outlook remains good.

Adoption of income statements and balance sheets
The AGM adopted the income statements and balance sheets for the parent company and for the Group 2016. The Board members and the CEO were discharged from liability for the financial year 2016.

The AGM agreed on a dividend of SEK 0.35 per share. The reconciliation date for receipt of the dividend was confirmed as Monday 8 May 2017. The dividend is expected to be paid on Thursday 11 May 2017.

Board of Directors
In accordance with the nomination committee's proposal, Charlotta Sund was elected as a new member and Kenneth Bengtsson, Peter Törnquist, Johan Nilsson, Magdalena Gerger, Satu Huber, Gustaf Martin-Löf, Terje Venold and Søren Vestergaard-Poulsen were re-elected. Kenneth Bengtsson was re-elected as Chairman and Peter Törnquist was re-elected as Deputy Chairman.

The trade union organisations have appointed Glenn Edlund, Maria Herbertsson and Anders Holger-Nilsson as board members.

Fees to the Board
The AGM decided, in accordance with the nomination committee’s proposal on fees to the Board, on the following distribution: SEK 400,000 to each Board member who is not an employee of the company, SEK 1,000,000 to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 600,000 to the Deputy Chairman of the Board, and that fees for work on the audit committee shall be paid to the order of SEK 150,000 to the Chairman of the committee and SEK 100,000 to the members, and that fees for work on the compensation committee shall be paid to the order of SEK 100,000 to the Chairman of the committee and SEK 50,000 to the members.

The AGM decided, in accordance with the nomination committee’s proposal and the audit committee’s recommendation, to re-elect KPMG AB as auditors for the period until the end of the AGM in 2018. Fees to the auditors are paid in accordance with approved invoicing routines.

Mandate for the acquisition and transfer of the company’s own shares
The AGM mandated the Board, on one or more occasions until the date of the next AGM, to acquire or transfer at the most the number of shares to ensure that the company holds, at any time after the acquisition, a combined total of no more than ten per cent of all shares in Ahlsell. The purpose of this mandate is partly to provide the Board with greater scope to act in their work on the company’s capital structure, and partly to enable the company to finance acquisitions with its own shares. The mandates also serve to enable a hedging of costs and delivery associated with Ahlsell’s long term incentive programme.

Guidelines on remuneration for senior executives
The AGM adopted the guidelines proposed by the Board for remuneration to senior executives.

Instructions to the nomination committee
The AGM confirmed the instructions for the nomination committee as proposed by the nomination committee.

A full set of documents from the AGM will be made available on https://www.ahlsell.com/en/about-ahlsell/corporate-governance/agm/annual-general-meeting-2017/

For further information please contact:
Anna Oxenstierna, IR Manager, +46 708-15 84 85

Ahlsell AB (publ), listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, is the leading Nordic distributor of installation products, tools and supplies addressing installers, contractors, facility managers, industry, energy and infrastructure companies and the public sector. Our unique offer includes over one million products and solutions. The Group has an annual turnover of about SEK 26 billion with approximately 97 percent of its net sales in Sweden, Norway and Finland and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. With more than 5 000 employees, over 200 stores and three central warehouses, Ahlsell is committed to its customer promise: Ahlsell makes it easier to be professional.


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