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  • 03.10.2014

    Ahlsell acquires Almén Special Fastener AB

    Ahlsell has reached an agreement to acquire Almén Special Fastener AB, a company with business in Vänersborg. Almén is specialized in customized fastening products in environments with extraoridnary...

  • 23.06.2014

    Ahlsell acquires HauCon Sverige AB

    Ahlsell has reached an agreement to acquire the Hallsberg based company HauCon Sverige. HauCon is a leading distributor of products in the areas of concrete, reinforcement and formwork. The customers...

  • 23.06.2014

    Ahlsell acquires Skandinaviska Byggprodukter Väst Aktiebolag

    Ahlsell acquires the Gothenburg-based company, SKB Väst. The company caters mainly to the construction industry to which it sells a wide range of products within reinforcement and formwork. The...

  • 28.04.2014

    Ahlsell acquires Aktiebolaget Rob. Holmquist

    Rob. Holmquist is trading company with establishments in Borås and Falkenberg. The company sells a wide range of HVAC products, mainly to local installation companies. The turnover amounts to approx....

  • 10.02.2014

    New member of the Ahlsell Group's Board of Directors

    Terje R. Venold has been appointed new member of the Ahlsell Group's Board of Directors. Terje worked in the Norwegian construction group Veidekke from 1981, and he served as Group CEO between 1989...

  • 22.01.2014

    Ahlsell acquires Hjelmbergs AB

    Hjelmbergs is a local whole sale company with establishment in Karlshamn. The company sells a wide range of tools and machinery, supplies, steel and personal protective equipment. The company has a...

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