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The Nomination Committee’s proposal to the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Ahlsell AB

The Nomination Committee for Ahlsell AB proposes the election of Charlotta Sund as a member of the Board, and the re-election of Kenneth Bengtsson, Magdalena Gerger, Satu Huber, Gustaf Martin-Löf, Johan Nilsson, Peter Törnquist, Terje Venold and Sören Vestergaard-Poulsen as members of the Board. The Nomination Committee further proposes the re-election of Kenneth Bengtsson as Chairman and Peter Törnquist as Deputy Chairman.

Charlotta Sund was born in 1963 and holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Institute of Technology, Linköping University, Sweden. Charlotta is Senior Vice President of Ericsson AB (publ) and is a member of Ericsson’s Group management team. Charlotta has been Head of Customer Group Industry & Society since 1 July 2016, prior to which she was Head of Region Northern Europe & Central Asia. Charlotta has previously held various positions at Ericsson, including Head of Customer Unit Industry & Society in Region Northern Europe & Central Asia, and Vice President and Head of Multimedia & Systems Integration in the Market Unit Nordic and Baltics.

The Nomination Committee consists of Tomas Ekman appointed by Keravel S.a.r.l., Vegard Söraunet appointed by Odin Fonder, Jan Särlvik appointed by Nordea Fonder and Mikael Wiberg appointed by Alecta. In addition, Kenneth Bengtsson, Chairman of the Board, is a co-opted member of the Nomination Committee. At 31 December 2016, the shareholders represented in the Nomination Committee held approximately 66 percent of the voting rights in Ahlsell.

Independence in accordance with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance
Kenneth Bengtsson, Magdalena Gerger, Satu Huber, Terje Venold and Charlotta Sund are considered to be independent from the company, the company’s management and the company’s major shareholders. Peter Törnquist, Gustaf Martin-Löf and Søren Vestergaard-Poulsen are considered not to be independent from the company’s largest shareholder Keravel S.a.r.l., but independent from the company and the company’s management. Johan Nilsson is considered not to be independent from the company and the company’s management, but independent from its major shareholders.

Election of auditors
In accordance with the recommendation of the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee proposes the re-election of KPMG AB as auditors until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.

Remuneration to Board members and auditors
The Nomination Committee proposes to the Annual General Meeting that remuneration to Board members shall remain unchanged, so that SEK 1,000,000 is paid to the Chairman of the Board, SEK 600,000 to the Deputy Chairman and SEK 400,000 to each of the other Board members. In addition, a special fee shall be paid for the work of the Audit Committee, with SEK 150,000 to the chairperson and SEK 100,000 to each of the other members. A special fee shall be paid for the work of the Remuneration Committee, with SEK 100,000 to the chairperson and SEK 50,000 to each of the other members. Remuneration is not paid to members who are employees of the Ahlsell Group.

It is proposed that payment of fees to the auditors shall be made on the basis of approved invoices.

The Nomination Committee's proposal for Chairman of the 2017 Annual General Meeting
The Nomination Committee proposes that the Chairman of the Board, Kenneth Bengtsson, be appointed Chairman of the Annual General Meeting.

Instructions to the Nomination Committee
The Nomination Committee proposes that no changes be made to the instructions to the Nomination Committee that were approved in 2016.

For further information, please contact:
Tomas Ekman, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, phone number +46 8 407 87 90.

The information contained in this publication constitutes information which Ahlsell AB (publ) is required to disclose under the Swedish Securities Market Act. The information was provided for publication at 08.30 CET on 24 March 2016.



Ahlsell is the Nordic region's leading distributor of installation products, tools and supplies for installation companies, construction companies, real estate management companies, industrial and power companies and the public sector. Our unique portfolio covers more than one million individual products and solutions. We generate sales of approximately SEK 25 billion and 97 percent of revenue comes from our three main markets of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

With some 5,000 employees, more than 200 stores and three central warehouses, we deliver on our promise to our customers, every day: Ahlsell makes it simpler to be a professional!

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