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Ahlsell awarded work-site logistics contract for the construction of Karlatornet in Gothenburg

Ahlsell has been awarded the work-site logistics contract for the construction of Karlatornet, the tallest building ever built in the Nordic region.

Karlatornet, which is to be built in the new Karlastaden district in Gothenburg, will have 73 floors and be 245 meters high. The tower is expected to be ready for its first residents in 2021 and the new district is planned to be completed a few years later.

The contract covers the full logistic solution for the project, and Ahlsell will have some 40 employees involved in the logistics throughout the project time. For Ahlsell, the project will be running at full speed from 2020 onwards, with a ramping up period throughout 2019.

The customer is Serneke Bygg AB and for them, it was critical to find a business partner with competence and innovative thinking about complex logistics flows.

"It’s a high construction on a very small area. Already at an early stage, we at Serneke identified the logistical challenges in the project. The logistics concept we planned for has now, with help from Ahlsell, been refined further. With their experience of complex flows and commitment to work-site logistics, it was natural to select them as partners in the project.", says Conny Segerdahl, Site manager, Karlatornet, Serneke Bygg AB.

Ahlsell has a thorough experience of efficient and sustainable logistics solutions, why efficient work-site logistics has been on the agenda for a long time. For the last three years, the company has worked with an increased focus to define and market the solution.

"There are studies showing that installers only work efficiently with installation 30-40% of the time. The rest of the time is spent on waiting, searching for or retrieving material. In current times of resource shortage and requirements for cost-effectiveness, there is a huge upside for customers to get the right products, to the right place at the right time.", says Fredrik Bergegård, Sales Director at Ahlsell Sverige.

The service “efficient work-site logistics” only represents a small part of the Group revenues today, but the potential is significant.

"We are convinced that efficient work-site logistics is the future way to build, as there are so many benefits. The customer reduces its total cost of the project while reducing the risk of project delays. It also results in a sustainable construction as fewer trucks with a higher filling degree reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Another advantage is that the workplace accidents are reduced too, as construction material is not laying around on the construction site before being used." Fredrik continues.

The partners have agreed not to disclose the scope of the contract. For Ahlsell, the profitability level of the agreement is in line with the Group's.

For further information please contact:

Karin Larsson, Head of Investor Relations and external communications
+46 8 685 59 24, Karin.Larsson@ahlsell.se

Ahlsell is the Nordic region’s leading distributor of installation products, tools and supplies for installers, construction companies, facility managers, industrial and power companies and the public sector. The unique customer offer covers more than one million individual products and solutions. The Group has a turnover of just over SEK 29 billion and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. About 97% of revenue is generated in the three main markets of Sweden, Norway and Finland. With about 5,800 employees, more than 230 branches and three central warehouses, we constantly fulfil our customer promise: Ahlsell makes it easier to be professional!

Press Release
Stockholm, October 18, 2018


Melding fra Ahlsell

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