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Ahlsell acquires outlet for personal protective equipment and workwear in Umeå

Ahlsell Sverige AB has signed an agreement to acquire Jobline Umeå AB (Jobline) with annual sales of approximately SEK 26 million.

Jobline offers workwear and protective equipment to small and medium-sized professional customers in Umeå and surroundings, north of Sweden. The customer offering consists to a large extent to strong brands from well-known suppliers. The company is privately owned and has eight employees.

"Within workwear, Jobline has been successful for many years. Together, we can now offer our customers an even broader range of products and adjacent services. Our joint journey has just begun.", says Johan Nilsson, President and CEO of Ahlsell AB.

The acquisition is expected to be closed end December and have a minor positive impact on the Group's earnings for 2018.

For further information please contact:
Karin Larsson, Head of Investor relations and external communications
+46 8 685 59 24, Karin.Larsson@ahlsell.se



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